Where Do Big Waves Happen?

where do big waves happen

Big wave surfing happens on the surface of the ocean where the waves can get as high as about 20 feet or more. They occur due to several factors that happen both under and above the water. Hawaii, California, and Portugal are some of the most popular destinations where you can catch such monstrous waves.  … Read more

How to Train for Big Wave Surfing

how to train for big wave surfing

Chin-ups, front squats, push-ups, running, and other mobility drills are some of the physical training that you can do to prepare yourself for big wave surfing. But, you should also work to strengthen your mind by practicing mindfulness and meditation before you paddle in and test your skills in the deeper parts of the ocean. … Read more

Best All Mountain Snowboard 2021 – 2022 Review

Best All Mountain Snowboard 2021 - 2022 Review

Burton, Kessler, Boheme, and Pogo are some of the well-known brands that offer high-quality snowboards. With these brands, you’ll surely never be disappointed. But, these brands are just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, the market has plenty of all-mountain snowboards to offer. But, that’s the problem. With so many all-mountain snowboards to choose from, … Read more

When Does Snowboarding Season Start?

when does snowboarding season start

Typically, November is the start of snowboarding season in the United States. But, this may vary depending on your location. And because of the rising global temperatures, some states receive a limited amount of snowfall than before. Hence, some resorts may close earlier. Fortunately, though, the US has plenty of states where you can enjoy … Read more

What is Freeride Snowboarding?

What is Freeride Snowboarding?

Freeride snowboarding is a type of snowboarding. Unlike the usual type of snowboarding that you’ve probably grown familiar with, freeride snowboarding is performed on natural terrain. This means the trail you’ll be snowboarding neither has a set course, nor rules. It’s more ideal for adventurous riders as you wouldn’t know what to expect from the … Read more