Best Water Rafting Spots In Costa Rica Guide & Review

Best Water Rafting Spots In Costa Rica Guide & Review

The Balsa River and Rio Toro are some of the best water rafting spots in Costa Rica guide & review that experts often talk about. But, these are just two of the countless rivers that the country has, waiting to be explored. With unparalleled excitement and sceneries, you have to consider rafting in this country.

Water Rafting Costa Rica Guide & Review

Costa Rica is one of the top countries that experienced rafters will always mention. It’s filled with great rapids that people of all ages will enjoy. 

For starters, there are actually 14 main rivers that came from the country’s mountains. They stream down into its alleys and out to either the Caribbean Ocean, the Pacific, or Lake Nicaragua.

Despite having only 14 major rivers, this Costa Rica is blessed with great rapids that are perfect for rafters of all levels. You also have many options when it comes to the type of trip you prefer.

If you’re looking to take in the beautiful sights that Costa Rica has, you can join a rafting trip that’s Class II-III. For more thrill, there are also Class IV rapids. And if you’re feeling a little fearless, you can even find rapids that are more challenging than that.

And because of that, if you’re going to ask the experts, they’d say Costa Rica is one of the best countries to be for some awesome white water rafting trip.

How much does it cost to white water raft in Costa Rica?

White water rafting in Costa Rica doesn’t come for free. But, they won’t cost you a fortune.

However, the rates of the trips may depend on several factors. This includes the season, the number of rafters, the level of the rapids, and your chosen tour operator.

Just like white water rafting in the United States, the rates in Costa Rica may vary depending on the season. The higher the demand, the costlier your trip will be.

The number of rafters can also affect the price of our trip. Sometimes, you can save more money for trips if you’re traveling in a group.

Furthermore, the rapids can also affect the price of your trip. The higher its Class is, the more expensive it typically gets.

Your chosen tour operator can affect the price of your trip too. This is because most of them offer different tour packages at different prices.

But, typically, for a day tour, your trip shouldn’t cost more than $150 per person for a basic tour package.

Is rafting safe in Costa Rica?

Risks are always involved in adventurous sports such as white water rafting. In this activity, there are chances that you may suffer from drowning, hypothermia, overexertion, and even smashing into rocks. You may also get stuck in river features.

That said, many people, especially novice white water rafters, are concerned about their safety. While accidents can happen at any time regardless of your location, according to the best water rafting spots in Costa Rica guide and review experts, it is actually safe.

This is because tour operators see to it to check the river level measurements every day. This way, they’re sure that the river is not too perilous for rafters.

Apart from that, tour operators also check the weather forecast frequently. Doing so helps them predict the weather conditions in the area.

What’s more, legitimate tour operators use protective gear for their clients. So, if anything happens, they can prevent severe injuries.

What is one of the best rafting rivers in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has numerous white water rafting sites. But, according to the best water rafting sports in Costa Rica guide & review experts, it is the Balsa River that should take the crown.

The Balsa River has rapids Class II-III. Because of this, it is one of the go-to rafting spots of novice locals and tourists alike.

And because of its calmer rapids, people can enjoy the views of the surrounding area more. You can even spot plenty of exotic animals. This includes toucans and other exotic birds.

Where are the best spots to do white water rafting in Costa Rica?

The Black River is just one of the many rivers that Costa Rica can offer for white water rafting enthusiasts. If you’re traveling to this country and are looking for a place to try the sport, here’s a quick best water rafting spots in Costa Rica guide & review.

La Fortuna Rapids

Because of its location, La Fortuna Rapids had its moniker the “gateway” to the adventure capital of Costa Rica and the Arenal Volcano National Park.

From this site, you have plenty of rivers and classes of rapids to choose from. Plus, you can choose based on the kind of adventure you want, your experience, and even group dynamic.

The downside to rafting this place, though, is that it requires a bit of traveling to get to the rapids. The good news, though is that they’re easily accessible.

A trip to this place usually costs around $122. This depends on the package your choose, though. The more inclusions, such as a zip line tour, the costlier your trip will get.

Best Trip Provider in La Fortuna:

La Fortuna Rapids

If you want to get your money’s worth, many of the best water rafting spots in Costa Rica guide & review experts would recommend the Arenal Rafting. This tour provider is well-praised for its knowledgeable guides who never fail to make any trip fun and safe, at the same time.

Plus, it has been a few decades in the commercial rafting industry. So, you’re sure that they know how to handle even the least experienced rafter well. And, of course, when it comes to safety, they always make sure to keep their clients safe and relaxed throughout the experience.

Whether or not you’re new to this rafting they are some of the best tour providers you can count on. Their tours start at $85.

Penas Blancas River

La Fortuna may be ideal for new rafters due to its calm rapids and enough challenges to make the trip exciting from time to time. But, Penas Blacas River is better for those who are looking for an even calmer ride, especially if you’re traveling with children.

Best Trip Provider in Penas Blancas River:

Penas Blancas River

With Class I and II rapids, the Penas Blancas River lets everyone see the beauty of its surrounding area as they float in the river. And the top tour provider you can turn to for such a good trip is Aventuras Arenal.

They always ensure a safe and fun trip. You can even bring your kids to enjoy the tour.

The downside, though is that it’s one of the busiest tour providers in town. So, many clients experience miscommunications with the management; hence the terrible reviews.

Still, it’s worth trying. Tours here start at around $60.

Rio Balsa

Located about 45 minutes away from La Fortuna, Rio Balsa is the best place to be if you’re new to white water rafting. This is because its rapids only stretch up to Class III.

At first glance, for pro rafters, this may not be a good place to enjoy a white water rafting trip in Costa Rica. But, believe it or not, it is what makes locals and tourists alike flock to the area.

Apparently, despite its more laid-back rapids, the water is lively enough to make your trip exciting. What’s more, you should also look forward to the sights around.

Rio balsa isn’t only blessed with beginner-friendly rapids; but, it’s also granted with lush and wildlife-rich forest. So, make sure to take a look around you as you enjoy the waters of Rio Balsa.

Best Trip Provider in Rio Balsa:

Rio Balsa

If you were to ask the experts of the best water rafting spots in Costa Rica guide & review, you will often hear the Costa Rica Descents Adventure Company.

This tour provider is lauded for its caring guides who are very knowledgeable about the sport. They also make sure that each of their clients is relaxed and safe all through the trip.

Furthermore, they have rafting tours where you can bring your 7-year-old family member along to enjoy the rapids.

Trips at Costa Rica Descents Adventure Company are prices as low as $55. It may vary, though, depending on the package you choose. But, regardless of whichever tour you pick, they can guarantee that you will have a memorable one.

One con, though, is that miscommunications can happen. Some clients complained about not being informed of the trip changes and were not offered a refund. So, when booking, make sure to communicate everything and double-check with the tour operator.

Rio Toro

Rio Toro’s name alone will hint at what awaits you. In English, this site’s name means the ”Bull River.” And it’s befitting for such an aggressive river.

If you’re feeling a little confident with your rafting skills and want to test your limits, this place is for you. This river has plenty of heart-pumping surprises throughout the trip. And this is what makes it one of the most popular challenging rapids in Costa Rica.

Best Trip Provider in Rio Toro:

Rio Toro

If you want to experience what it’s like rafting this aggressive river, book a trip with Costa Rica Descents.

Well, apparently, you actually have no choice, though, as Costa Rica Descents is the only company that offers tours to this exciting river. Still, you can count on them.

They will make sure you will enjoy a full day’s worth of rafting. And despite the Class IV level of its rapids, Costa Rica Descents are knowledgeable and skilled enough to help keep you safe. 

On top of that, they offer tour packages that let you explore the surrounding area. By booking a tour with them, you can get a closer look at the Arenal volcano and enjoy a natural hot springs hike.

And if you want to tour Rio Balsa, Costa Rica Ascents also got your back.

Costa Rica Ascents’ full-day tour offer at the Rio Toro costs $85 per person. Shoe rentals are also available at $10. The rates for other tours and packages vary.

Turrialba Rapids

The town of Turrialba is quite small. But, it can talk big about its rapids. In fact, it is named the white water rafting capital of the country.

While there are two world-class rapids in the town of Turrialba, the Turrialba Rapids attracts more visitors year-round. This is due to its rapids and the breathtakingly beautiful scenery that it can offer.

Best Trip Provider in Turrialba:

Turrialba Rapids

If you want to know what kind of adventure awaits you at the famous Turrialba Rapids, one of the tour operators you should work with is the Adrenalina Rafting.

This eco-tourism and adventure company specializes in rafting. Hence, you’re guaranteed to have the best rafting time of your life when you book a tour with them.

Apart from white water rafting, Adrenalina Rafting also provides mountain biking tours, helping you get to know the town better and get closer to nature.

The con, though, is that one in hundreds of its past clients didn’t feel safe due to how cold they were treated by the staff. But, looking at the reviews, it didn’t seem to happen again.

The tour operators probably took action right away. Hence, there are no other bad reviews about the company apart from that even today. So, why not give it a chance?

Costa Rica is blessed with great rapids that can cater to rafters of all levels and ages.

But, with so many options out there, it’s definitely worth reading a list of the best water rafting spots in Costa Rica guide & review or two; just to be sure that you’re in good hands and you can get your money’s worth.

While there’s no perfect tour operator, one thing is for sure, they’re still worth giving a try. Of course, the rapids are worth giving a chance as well, considering the bonuses of the finest views in the area that you will likely not see anywhere else in the world. You should consider going to Colorado to do water rafting.

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