Water Rafting Colorado Guide & Review

water rafting colorado Guide & Review

Water rafting Colorado can be a bit overwhelming for newbies. This is because the state has numerous rapids. Here, you’ll find rapids that have different levels for various rafters. So, you will need a good water rafting Colorado guide & review. If you’re new to this state and this adventurous sport, read on. How much … Read more

How Much Does Rafting Cost?

How Much Does Rafting Cost

Rafting costs somewhere between $30 to $110 per person. The price varies depending on how long you are planning the activity, as well as what inclusions you’ll take for the trip. While prices may vary from location to location, you’re looking at average spending of $50 per person at the very least. How Much Does … Read more

10 Biggest Waves in the World

10 Biggest Waves in the World

Mavericks, Nazare, Pipeline, and Puerto Escondido are some of the popular names of places for big-wave surfers. This is because of how huge the waves can get in these places, which can give them the adrenaline rush, as well as the unforgettable experience, that no other surf spots in the world can. 10 Biggest Waves … Read more