Who Pioneered Big Wave Surfing?

Who Pioneered Big Wave Surfing?

Laird Hamilton, Shane Dorian, and Eddie Aikau are some of the surfers who have topped the world of big wave surfing. However, if an individual is to pick only one surfer who they think is the greatest, the answer may vary from person to person. Who pioneered big wave surfing? Ocean waves come in different … Read more

How Dangerous is Big Wave Surfing?

How Dangerous is Big Wave Surfing

Big wave surfing is an extremely dangerous sport. Unlike the usual surfing style many people know, big wave surfing involves greater height and force of waves in the deeper part of the ocean. Hence, injuries are more fatal. Monstrous waves are fun to catch. They will make your heart race and satisfy your cravings for … Read more

Where Do Big Waves Happen?

where do big waves happen

Big wave surfing happens on the surface of the ocean where the waves can get as high as about 20 feet or more. They occur due to several factors that happen both under and above the water. Hawaii, California, and Portugal are some of the most popular destinations where you can catch such monstrous waves.  … Read more

How to Train for Big Wave Surfing

how to train for big wave surfing

Chin-ups, front squats, push-ups, running, and other mobility drills are some of the physical training that you can do to prepare yourself for big wave surfing. But, you should also work to strengthen your mind by practicing mindfulness and meditation before you paddle in and test your skills in the deeper parts of the ocean. … Read more