How Far Can an Average Person Bike in a Day?

How Far Can an Average Person Bike in a Day?

An average person can mountain bike up to 60 miles, which is about as long as The English Channel. And if you’re traveling 40 mph, which requires good fitness, it can take you 90 minutes to reach that distance. However, it may still depend on several conditions, including your weight, your skill level, the conditions on the road, and more.

How far can you mountain bike in a day?

If you’re going to ask mountain biking enthusiasts about how far can one mountain bike a day, many will say that you can ride as far as you can. This is probably because once you learn this sport, it’s had to quit.

It can be relaxing and exciting at the same time. Hence, many riders don’t usually notice how tired they are and how far they’ve reached.

But, we say the distance may depend on the rider. If it’s your first time trying the sport out, you will surely want to practice more. Hence, you may travel further than expected.

But, it may also depend on your physical fitness. If you were you’re not physically fit enough, you’ll likely get tired fast. Hence, a shorter distance.

Of course, the weather can change and it can affect the distance that you can reach too. If the weather is good enough for mountain biking, chances are, you’ll find it easier to travel further. But, if the weather doesn’t permit, you might not get far.

The terrain also plays a huge part in the distance you can reach in a day. A challenging terrain could eat a great amount of your energy. Hence, lesser distance.

How many miles can you mountain bike in a day?

Mountain biking is a fun sport that many people of all ages can do. It’s a great activity that will not only help you stay fit but will also help you reach numerous destinations and see different sites to marvel at.

And because of this, it’s common for many mountain bikers to not stop. They cycle as far as they want and need to. But, this isn’t always an ideal thing to do.

Remember, even the good things can also cause you harm if you choose to go beyond your limits. So, when biking, you should also be mindful of your body and know when to stop. This is because an average person can only mountain bike between 56 and 60 miles in a day.

However, that will depend on how fit you are, how the weather is during the ride, the elevation of the terrain, and more.

You can reach a greater distance if you’re physically fit, if the terrain isn’t steep and challenging, and if the weather isn’t harsh enough for a ride.

What is a reasonable distance to bike in a day?

It’s exciting and fulfilling to learn new things. And because of this, a lot of people tend to try pushing their limits once they’ve grown familiar with something.

The same thing happens when you learn how to ride a bike, especially due to the benefits that it can give physically and mentally. But, don’t forget to know your limitations.

To play it safe, it’s best to stay at a reasonable distance to bike, which is 10 miles per day. If you’re going to take a look at the numbers, it can be a bit overwhelming, especially for those who have just started trying out their hand at mountain biking.

But, the good news is that all your efforts will be worth it. This is because such distance is already enough for you to enjoy the health benefits of mountain biking such as the following:

Muscle Building

Mountain biking is one sport that can help you build your leg muscles. This is because the activity focuses on your calves, hamstrings, quads, and glutes.

But, don’t get your hopes too high as it’s quite impossible to reach Lance Armstrong-levels of ripped legs through biking alone. Still, it’s a good way to shape your legs.

Reducing Risks of Heart Disease

Living a sedentary lifestyle is known to cause numerous diseases, such as heart disease. This is because being physically inactive could cause fatty material to build up in your arteries. And if this part of the heart gets damaged, it could lead to heart problems and even a heart attack.

Mountain biking, however, requires you to move more. Hence, you can lessen or even prevent such fat build up in your heart.

Improving Mental Health

In biking, your focus will be on the road, as well as the sceneries around you. Because of this, you can release your stress and anxieties. As a result, better mental health.

Additionally, when you move more, you also get to produce more happy hormones. Hence, you can improve your mental health too. In fact, a study shows that people who live an active lifestyle are 32% happier than those who don’t.

How far can you cycle in 1 day?

The distance you can travel on a day on a mountain bike may vary. If it’s your first day on the road with your bike, you can cover about 40 to 60 miles. But, that may still change.

Once you get used to mountain biking and get more physically fit, you can eventually increase the distance you can travel. Over time, you can cover up to 100 miles a day, especially if the road you’re taking is well-paved and doesn’t have challenging elevations.

Is cycling 5 miles a day good?

Cycling for 40 to 60 miles a day can get a bit staggering, especially if you’re not physically fit yet and have no experience in doing the sport.

If you feel like 40 to 60 miles a day is something you still can’t do, try cycling for five miles a day, which is about the length of the longest beach in Goa, India.

For pros, this distance is already a piece of cake. But, don’t beat yourself too much. Five miles of mountain biking is already enough than no exercise at all. With this, you can already fight mental health decline and keep diseases at bay.

Besides, many people started at this distance. Additionally, it is the distance that most experts recommend for novice mountain bikers.

Don’t worry, you’ll still improve. Over the course of time, you’ll get used to mountain biking and the terrain where you bike around.

As a result, you can gradually increase the distance that you can travel via mountain bike. Just remember to not push yourself too hard. Take some time to rest if you need to too.

How long will it take to cycle 10 miles?

How long will it take to cycle 10 miles?

Once you’ve grown familiar with mountain biking and the road you take every day, you can increase the distance you travel. This will increase your endurance and help improve your body more.

After mountain biking for five miles, you can then mountain bike for 10 miles. However, for this, you might want to allot more time mountain biking. This is because to reach a distance of 10 miles, it will usually take you around 45 minutes to an hour of ride.

But then, again, this may depend on many factors. If it’s rainy, might get delayed. If the terrain is challenging, mountain biking might take you longer.

The time you spend mountain biking for 10 miles may also depend on your speed. If you can cycle fast, you might even reach your destination in no time. But, if you take your time and ride slower, you’ll definitely get there for more than one hour.

Your gear may also affect your ride. Apparently, if your bike is rusting, it can also make your experience more difficult, especially if you’re taking on an uphill ride.

The weight of your bike can affect your experience as well. If it’s heavy, an uphill ride will be more challenging. 

Will bike riding burn fat?

A stagnant lifestyle will not burn you fat. It can even make you gain more weight. Being physically active, though, can help you burn unwanted fat in your body. But, you don’t always need to hit the gym.

Apparently, if you go mountain biking, you can already burn unwanted fat. This is because it requires your body to move. And this will make you sweat. As a result, you can lose weight. Also, this can help you keep fat build-up in your heart. Hence, you can also prevent heart diseases.

Is a 20-mile bike ride a good workout?

Many people have different reasons for not hitting the gym. According to a survey, lack of time and lack of confidence are two of the usual reasons why.

And if you belong to that population who hates going to the gym but wants to lose weight, mountain bike rides are probably the one for you.

Contrary to what other people think, mountain biking is also a good workout and it can be a substitute for hitting the gym to lose some weight. This is because it can already make you sweat and move more, which exercises do.

A five-mile mountain bike ride is already enough to burn unwanted fat and improve your mental health. Needless to say, a 20-mile ride is as good too.

You see, the longer you go mountain biking, the more you move. And the more you move, the more fat you can burn.

However, don’t expect to get ripped by merely mountain biking. Yes, it does help you lose weight. But, it’s not enough to build bulkier muscles. If you want to bulk up, you might need better equipment, especially some weights, plus more time at the gym.

How many calories do you burn riding a bike for 6 miles?

An hour of cycling can help an average person burn approximately 450 to 750 calories. However, with that amount of time, you can already reach 10 miles. So, if you’ll mountain bike for six miles, you can burn about 288 calories, mountain biking is a good workout.

However, that may also depend on several factors. Two of them are speed and your body weight.

If you weigh around 150 lbs., for instance, and you’re mountain biking at a steady pace of 14 mph to 16 mph, you’ll likely burn 48 calories a mile. If you’re traveling at 20 mph and you still weigh around 150 lbs., you can burn up to 56 calories per mile.

However, if you’re a 200-lbs. Person and you’re biking at 14 mph, you can burn more. At this rate, you can burn up to 56 calories per mile. If you increase your speed and travel for 20 mph, you can increase the amount of calories you can burn, which is 75 calories per mile.

Your speed can also play a huge factor. The faster you go, the more effort you exert in biking. And with that, the more calories you can burn.

Is biking every day bad for you?

Since biking is a good workout, many people wonder if you can do it every day, just as how you work out. Well, this may depend on several factors.

Biking is a great activity that you can do every day moderately. Yes, you can bike every day, but make sure that you’re not biking at a longer distance at a higher speed. This might cause negative effects on your body.

But, if you take things moderately, it sure is a fun activity that you can do every day for improving your health.

If you want to go mountain biking every day, make sure not to push yourself too hard. What you can do, though, is to travel at a reasonable distance and speed every day.

If you want a hard workout, you can still increase your speed and distance. Just make sure to take some time to have enough rest. If you plan to hop on your bike the next day, it would be more ideal if you will take it easy and decrease your speed and distance instead.

Does cycling reduce belly fat?

Does cycling reduce belly fat?

One of the muscles that mountain biking targets are the muscles in your abdomen. As you pedal and sweat, these muscles get exercised; therefore, losing unwanted fat.

In turn, you can lose some belly fat. However, you can’t simply rely on biking alone, especially if you’re aiming for a fast transformation.

If you want to lose belly fat, you should also be mindful of what you eat. This is because the food or drink you take also plays a huge role in how fast you can reduce belly fat. If you eat a lot, your body might not be able to keep up fast with burning your belly fat.

That said, if you want to reduce some belly fat, make sure to eat a proper diet too. You’ll never go wrong with fruits and vegetables.

And if you want to speed up toning your abdomen area, you should also consider eating food that will help you build more muscles, such as the dishes rich in protein. For some, they drink some protein shakes; but that’s just completely based on your preference.

Can you get fit by cycling?

Sports, in general, are good workouts. This is because many sports require physical effort. And when you do exert some effort, your body is able to use different muscle groups.

Plus, you sweat more. And through sweating, you can release the toxins in your body, burn calories, and even get rid of unwanted fat.

Cycling is one of the sports that do that. For starters, experts bill it as one of the top-notch workouts. This is because it doesn’t only allow you to exercise your heart and increase your lung capacity.

Because it relies on your lower body to move, this can also serve as a way to strengthen your lower body, including your hips, knees, ankles, and legs. With a continued ride, you can improve such parts of your lower body.

However, it’s quite impossible to get buffed. There are a few exercises for that, though, such as the following:

  • Abs – Crunches or barbell rollouts
  • Shoulders – Seated shoulder press or stanging alternating shoulder press
  • Legs – Leg press or squats
  • Back – Lat pulldowns or bent-over rows
  • Chest – Bench  press or ballistic press
  • Triceps – Tricep kick-backs or dips
  • Biceps – bicep curls or chin-ups

You can also use these exercises to strengthen the muscles you need for mountain biking. If you can, consider the squats to improve your leg strength; bent-over rows for your back; and barbell rollouts for your abs.

What happens if you cycle too much?

As they say, too much of anything will not do good for you. The same goes for mountain biking.

True enough, mountain biking has numerous health pros. Some can even benefit you in the long run.

However, like the other things in the world, even the good things, when abused, can also cause harm. If you cycle too much, you can suffer from depression, a weakened immune system, and even injuries.


Being physically active increases the production of happy hormones — which is great. However, too much cycling could result in obsessive passion. This is when you feel too pressured to chase your passion.

And when you do get obsessively passionate about something and certain challenges in life get in the way, which can hinder you from cycling, this could affect your self-esteem.

In turn, you might fall into depression, which could affect even your daily routine, even your biking performance.

Weekend Immune System

Humans need to rest as this is when the body produces hormones that help repair the body and fight off diseases. That’s why medical experts advise their patients to rest well when they’re sick as this is the time when your body performs internal repairs.

If you don’t get enough rest, needless to say, your body won’t be able to repair itself. As you get exposed to many bacteria and viruses, your body will find it hard to heal itself fast. Hence, a weaker immune system.


Many adrenaline seekers like to test their limits. And if you’re one of them, mountain biking can be more dangerous for you. If you keep on testing your limits in mountain biking, your chances of getting injured get higher.

Too much mountain biking could cause sprains, torn muscles, fractures, and more. This happens especially when you bike with a higher amount of speed in a more challenging terrain.

So, if you want to keep these health issues at bay, it’s always best to take some rest from time to time.

Mountain biking is a good sport. It doesn’t only make your heart pound with challenging terrain. It also comes with numerous health benefits.

However, remember that your body also has limits. So, when you go biking, make sure to listen to what your body tells you first. If you can bike for up to 100 miles, then good for you. But, if you get tired, it’s okay to rest than pressure yourself to test your limits.

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