How Many Rounds In MMA?

How Many Rounds In MMA

MMA fights are either three to five rounds. This depends on the bout. For the undercards, fighters will have to compete for three rounds. And for the main card, athletes will have to fight for five rounds. These are the typical number of rounds may it be for UFC or amateur MMA fights.

How many rounds in MMA?

Boxing and mixed martial arts competitions seem to look alike. Hence, many of those who are new to the world of MMA wonder how many rounds in MMA there are. Since the fight resembles boxing, does it also has 12 rounds?

Apparently, mixed martial arts competitions don’t last until twelve rounds, particularly in UFC. For undercards, fighters have three rounds. And for the main cards or main events, athletes have five rounds.

Each of these rounds should last no more than five minutes. The duration of each round and the number of rounds are the same even in non-professional MMA competitions.

This is due to how the sport is physically demanding more than boxing as you use your whole body. Additionally, MMA rounds last much longer. Because of that, no matter how physically fit you are,  it’s still hard to maintain your endurance.

However, there are organizers – usually non-pros – who prefer longer bout durations. But, the number of rounds remains the same.

How many rounds in MMA main event?

There are two “events” in mixed martial arts competitions. One is called the “undercard” and the other is the “main event” or “championship.”

In UFC, undercard events are usually not televised. The fights in this category typically last for only three rounds.

However, in the main event, sometimes referred to as championship, fighters have to compete for five rounds.

How many rounds in women’s MMA?

How many rounds in women's MMA?

Today, women have also made it to the MMA scene. But, the rounds and the duration of each round remain the same as the men’s MMA.

Just like in men’s, women’s MMA fights consist of three five-minute rounds for the undercard events. But, for title fights, the rounds are extended to five. But, the duration of each round remains the same.

This is the standard fight duration, though. And this is what the UFC follows. But then, again, some non-professional organizers may tweak the duration a little.

If you’re new to watching a mixed martial arts competition, you’ll likely ask how many rounds in MMA there are since events quite resemble that of boxing. But, don’t worry, they don’t last longer than five rounds, unlike in boxing.

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