Is Snowboarding Considered an Extreme Sport?

Is Snowboarding Considered an Extreme Sport?

Yes, snowboarding is considered an extreme sport. This is because it involves high speeds that will give you an adrenaline-pumping experience.

But, it also encompasses high risk. And like other extreme board sports, snowboarding also includes stunts and tricks that could injure players or even cause deaths.

Luckily, though, it doesn’t often happen.

Snowboarding tours are often offered to tourists in cold countries.

Even toddlers are taught to do it even before they can walk. However, not everyone is aware that snowboarding is considered an extreme sport.

Why is snowboarding considered an extreme sport?

Extreme sports are characterized by the high dosage of speed, height, physical challenges, and risks that they involve.

As for snowboarding, on average, snowboarders descend 25 (which is about 1.1 times Usain Bolt’s speed) to 126 miles per hour (about 1.02 times the speed of a tornado), depending on the terrain and the snowboarder’s weight.

Snowboarding is also usually done high up in the mountains. In most cases, seasoned snowboarders descend from more than 13,000 feet.

And with such speed and height, expect the dangers involved. Descending from high mountains with great speed imposes high risks for snowboarders.

If you’re not trained enough, make mistakes, or if the weather went bad, you’re at risk of sprains, fractures, lacerations, and even concussions. Therefore, snowboarding is regarded as an extreme sport.

What are the dangers of snowboarding?

With snowboarding, you can get to see fill your eyes with beautiful sights around you, especially when you’re on top of high mountains. And, of course, the thrill of the sport will keep your heart pounding.

However, snowboarding is not all fun and games. Unfortunately, it also has risks involved – just like other sports do. But, unlike normal sports, snowboarding involves more dangers.

As you descend from high terrain with great speed, reaching more than a hundred miles per hour, your body is prone to injuries. And the injuries you may suffer from depends on many factors.

For beginners, falls are common. And these falls could cause injuries on the wrist and other parts of the upper extremities.

And even as you get better in the said sport, you’re still at risk of injuries, especially when you practice jumps and tricks. At this stage, you’re more at risk of head, spinal, and abdominal injuries.

Additionally, you’re also likely to collide with a tree since this kind of activity is done in snowy mountains. And when this happens, you’re vulnerable to injuries that involve your head, abdomen, bones, as well as your thorax.

What are the odds of dying in snowboarding?

Extreme sports like snowboarding have risks that can be deadly too. The good news is that your chances of dying in snowboarding are rare. In fact, the death rate is only 0.2 percent per million snowboarding days.

But then again, this can vary from year to year. Also, it’s worth noting that most of the accidents on the slope occur usually because of snowboarders who try to test their limits on more dangerous skiing courses.

Is snowboarding more dangerous than skiing?

Both snowboarding and skiing are often offered in tours and are open for anyone who dares to try it. Even children can try their hand at it. However, both sports are considered extreme.

While both sports are considered dangerous, it’s easy to think of skiing as the lesser evil between the two as with this sport, your feet aren’t attached to one board, so you have more control.

In skiing, you also have a ski pole to help you balance and propel.

But, sorry to ski lovers, reports say that skiing is more deadly than snowboarding. According to statistics over the last several decades, it is concluded that snowboarders are a third less likely to die than skiers.

Despite that, the injuries you could suffer from doing both sports are almost the same.

Is snowboarding more dangerous than other sports?

True enough snowboarding is often seen as a high-risk sport. But, believe it or not, it’s safer than other well-known sports, like rugby, football, tennis, golf, and even cycling.

Ruby and football are two of the extreme sports that involve physical struggles.

Because of this, your chances of getting hit and getting injured are higher compared to snowboarding.

Tennis and golf, on the other hand, may be less perilous than rugby and football. But, playing these sports is more harmful than snowboarding too.

There are several factors for a sport to be considered extreme and snowboarding has ticked some of the boxes.

Although it involves high speed, heights, and risks, it’s still relatively a safe sport that you shouldn’t miss.

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