Top 10 Best Places to Ski and Snowboard in Wisconsin

Wisconsin has plenty of places to offer for people who are seeking a good skiing and snowboarding experience. And they aren’t just “good,” but they can fare pretty well with other states known for skiing.

Whether you’re a beginner or an experienced skier or snowboarder, the state has numerous spots for you that will surely make your every visit all the more worth it.

Is Wisconsin good for skiing?

When talking about Wisconsin, one of the things that people will surely mention is ginseng as it is the country’s leading producer.

People will also likely mention dairy, lumber, as well as beer as the state is also popular for making such high-quality products. But, among all of those, the state is also well-loved by many for being a haven for both skiers and snowboarders.

Apparently, Wisconsin also has plenty of snowy trails for people of all ages. If you’re a novice skier or snowboarder, you can safely hone your skills with the numerous paths that the state has.

But, even experienced skiers and snowboarders will love it here as the state also has plenty of steep and challenging trails that are perfect for daredevils who want to test their limits and keep their heart pumping.

But, that’s not the only reason why the state is good for skiing.

Apparently, the weather that Wisconsin offers is also one of the reasons that makes it a good place for snow extreme sports. This is because compared to other states in the US., Wisconsin is a low risk area in terms of natural calamities.

In fact, since 1953, there have been only 47 federally declared natural disasters. Hence, if you’re planning a vacation to Wisconsin, you don’t have to worry much about severe weather conditions.

Additionally, the state is filled with good ski and snowboard resorts.

New York may be the leading state in the US for having the most number of ski resorts, but Wisconsin can also fare well. Despite a short ski season, which only lasts from early November to mid-April, The Badger State ranks third for having the most number of ski and snowboard resorts in the country. And because of this, you’re sure that you will find a place where you can hone your snowsports skills.

Does Wisconsin have good snowboarding?

Does Wisconsin have good snowboarding?

Despite not being able to receive an abundant amount of snow compared to the northern part of 

the country, Wisconsin surprisingly has a lot of snowboarding and skiing opportunities.

And since the ski season is about to start in Wisconsin, you might want to plot your schedule as early as now to ensure that you’re able to make the most out of the winter season in Wisconsin. If you want to know exactly where to go, here are some of the best places to ski and snowboard in The Badger State.

1 – Mount Ashwabay

Located in the northern part of Wisconsin, one of the best places you shouldn’t miss is Mount Ashwabay. This is one of the less crowded resorts that you can find in the state as its trails are more natural. This means that they are less developed. Because of that, more bumps and adrenaline awaits you.

However, if you have zero experience in skiing and snowboarding, this isn’t a place that you don’t want to visit first. True enough, the place is good and it offers good opportunities for beginners to learn snowsports. However, since it’s located in the northern part of the state, expect that the paths aren’t well-developed.

For that reason, expect a more bumpy ride. The good thing about this place, though, is that it will help you get used to the more challenging terrain that awaits you once you advance to the intermediate level.

Aside from snowboarding and skiing, the place also offers snowshoeing and skijoring experience, which will all help you enjoy your vacation more.

If you think this is the ski resort for you, make sure to prepare around $38 for the trail pass and the alpine lift tickets. You can also take advantage of its early season pass, which will help you save up to 25% on your tickets.

As for the ski and snowboard rentals, you can score a basic package between $17 to $22. And don’t worry about the helmets, hats, gloves, and goggles as the ski resort offers them for free – but only on a first-come, first-serve basis.

2 – Christie Mountain

Located in Bruce, Christie Mountain is also a great ski and snowboard resort for people who are looking for more challenging trails. It also has a perfect location if you don’t want to travel far to the northern part of Wisconsin to enjoy less developed trails.

However, because Christie Mountain is also located in north Wisconsin, expect for its trails to also be a bit bumpy as it’s also not as developed as other ski and snowboard resorts in the rest of the state. Because of this, if you’re not confident even with your novice skiing and snowboarding skills, this might not be the perfect resort for you.

If you plan to go here, note that the ticket prices lean more on the expensive side compared to Ashwabay. Plus, it varies depending on the day of your visit.

During Fridays and Saturdays from 10 AM to 10 PM, the lift ticket price is at the highest as it costs $48. But, if you go here from 3 PM to 10 PM, the lift ticket price is lower, costing $42.

But, if you go on a Sunday, from 10 AM to 6 PM, the lift ticket would cost you $44. And if you visit from 1 PM to 10 PM, you can buy it at just $41.

As for the equipment, you may not want to forget your gear as they offer limited rental options. Snowblades and snowboards can be rented for $25 and helmet rentals cost $5.

If you want to know more in details how much cost snowboarding, we do have an article for that.

3 – Little Switzerland

Switzerland is one of the top places in the world for skiing and doing other snowsports. Thanks to its beautiful mountains with heart-pounding paths that are perfect for any snow sports, this place always makes it to the top of many travelers and snow sports enthusiasts’ lists.

However, if you’re in the US, you don’t have to look any further as you have Wisconsin that boasts Little Switzerland. Regarded as one of the oldest ski hills in the state, this resort offers 18 trails and three terrain parks that will give you a taste of what it’s like skiing and snowboarding in Switzerland without having to break the bank.

In case you plan to go here, note that the ticket prices vary depending on the day of the week you’ve chosen. From Monday to Thursday (except during holidays) you can purchase tickets for as low as $45.

From Friday to Sunday, on the other hand, tickets start at $55 for a four-hour flex ticket. And if you want a full day ticket on these days, prices start at $70. Compared to the first resorts mentioned, the tickets seem a bit more pricey. The good news, though, is that you can purchase them at a lower price if you buy online.

For online transactions for tickets from Monday to Thursday, the prices start at $25. For a four-hour flex ticket on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday, tickets start at $39. And for a full day ticket during the weekend, you can score them at a price of $49.

4 – Sunburst

Sunburst has been around for 60 years. And since it opened its doors to the public, it has been providing endless fun for winter sports fans, as well as families who are looking for a place to enjoy the winter in Wisconsin.

At Sunburst, you can enjoy more than 10 trails and 2 terrain parks to ski and snowboard. It’s also where you can find the largest tubing facility in the world. 

Unfortunately, Sunburst’s hills are currently close as of writing. But, don’t worry, the wait will be over soon as the winter season is just around the corner. In the meantime, why not purchase your season pass as early as now to get discounts?

If you purchase your tickets now, you can enjoy the activities that Sunburst has to offer for only $299. You need to buy quickly, though, as the season pass sale only lasts until November 1. For regular passes, the tickets cost around $20 to $44.

For your equipment, snow blades and snowboards, as well as boots and helmets can be rented at an affordable price. At $25, you can already rent them all day. But, if you’ll be skiing or snowboarding from 4 PM until the resort closes, equipment rentals are priced at $15. And if you were to only rent the helmet, the rate is $5.

5 – Whitecap Mountains

Whitecap Mountains caters more for advanced skiers and snowboarders. This is due to its trails that drop up to 400 feet. What makes it even more of a place that’s worth seeing this winter is that it is one of the state’s largest ski resorts, offering you 400 acres of space to ski and snowboard.

The best part of it is that, unlike other ski resorts, Whitecap Mountains lets its guests choose between three mountains: Eagle’s Nest, thunderhead, and the Whitecap Mountain; hence the name. All of these three mountains have more than 30 trails and runs. And because of how big the resort’s area is, you will need a map to navigate through these mountains.

While there’s still no word about the cost of the passes to this stunning resort, you can use their 2017-2018 ticket price list as a reference.

For a full day of adventure and fun, you can purchase tickets for $55. If you choose to spend only half of the day, though, the tickets are priced at $45.

For renting equipment, the rates for skis, boots, and poles starts at $24. As for the snowboard, the price is $35.

For packages, tickets are priced up to less than $300 where lodging, lift tickets, and breakfast are already included. However, this may depend on the duration of your stay.

6 – Wilmot Mountain

If you’re just trying your hand at skiing and snowboarding, Wilmot Mountain is more ideal for you. It has a gentle vertical drop of 230 ft., where lessons for beginners are being taught. While it’s not as big as the Whitecap Mountains, you will still definitely enjoy 25 trails that even experienced skiers will not be disappointed.

If you think skiing and snowboarding isn’t for you, you can still have fun at Wilmot Mountain, thanks to its 33-lane tubing area.

The tickets to experience what Wilmot Mountain has to offer starts at $70 for a day pass. Here, boots, poles, and snow blades are already included. But, for snowboards and snowboarding boots, rentals cost $37.

For a complete package, tickets cost $359 for each adult. While seeing such a price tag may seem a little over-the-top compared to other resorts’ passes, this package already includes a 20% discount on food, lodging, lessons, rentals, and more. With this, you can also purchase a friend or family’s ticket with a discounted price.

7 – Devil’s Head

In skiing and snowboarding, many people enjoy their experience more if they have more time to savor more seconds of the experience. Fortunately, Devil’s Head offers the best trails for that.

Here, you can enjoy longer runs and more varied terrain, compared to other ski resorts in Wisconsin. It even has a full mile of run, which is the resort’s longest. In addition to that, you can enjoy the snow imore in its two large terrain parks.

And if you’re a newbie, don’t worry as the Devil’s Head has a separate area where you can practice peacefully without worrying about experienced skiers and snowboarders. 

To enjoy skiing and snowboarding at the Devil’s Head, you will need to prepare a budget that hovers around $56 to $66. Note that the price may vary based on the day of the week. While it leans more on the expensive side when compared to other resorts on this list, Devil’s Head will guarantee that every penny you spend is going to be worth it.

Devil’s Head also offers season passes for guests who plan to make the most out of the winter season in the area. For an unlimited season pass, you’ll only pay $499. Meanwhile, their Sunday Saver pass costs $299, which is only valid on Sundays.

And if you forgot to bring your own gear, ski and snowboard rental costs only $39 this already includes snowblades, bindings, poles, boots, and helmet. Meanwhile,if you only need to rent helmets, they can be rented for just $8.

Unlike other resorts, Devil’s Head offers equipment maintenance services for hobbyists and pros. If you’d like to have your snowblades sharpened, the resort offers services for only $35. If you need a basic tune, you can avail it at $45.

For snowboarding, if you need board sharpening services, that will only cost you $25. Ski wax and buff services are priced at $25. As for snowboard wax and buff services, they would only cost you $30. And for binding adjustment, that will only be $10. With such services, you won’t have to worry about damages on your equipment that will affect your vacation.

8 – The Rock Snowpark

Many ski and snowboard resorts in the US boast of how much area they can offer for doing snow sports. However, unlike other resorts, The Rock Snowpark is merely small. It only has nine short runs and three terrain parks to offer.

But, what’s good about this is that its slopes are more favorable for novice skiers and snowboarders. Apart from that, the short runs allow newbies to track their progress easily compared to other resorts. Therefore, if you’re still trying to hone your skills, this place is the best for you.

The place is also perfect for snow tubing. Pro tip: do it late in the afternoon or at night time to see the colorful lights from the resort; they’re Instagram-worthy!

The best part of it is that you won’t have to break the bank for such an experience. At the Rock Snowpark, you can already enjoy a one-on-one skiing lesson for just $74. This price already includes the lift tickets.

And if you want to spend more time at the resort, you can purchase tickets priced at $49, which allow you to spend a whole day of skiing and snowboarding.

9 – Mt. La Crosse

Since Wisconsin is known to many as one of the best choices for skiing and snowboarding in the US, many resorts often get crowded. This makes it more challenging for beginners to master the basics of both sports.

Thankfully, there’s Mt. La Crosse. For starters, this place gets rarely crowded. Plus, it has 19 short runs. All these make the resort ideal for beginners at skiing and snowboarding as the runs aren’t too scary. And because the place doesn’t get crowded, it’s easier to focus and learn the basics.

But if you’re already an intermediate or advanced skier or snowboarder, don’t worry, Mt. La Crosse also has something for you: the Damnation trail. With a vertical drop that measures more than 500 feet, it’s not surprising why it’s regarded as one of the steepest runs found in the Midwest.

In Mt. La Crosse, you can learn and master the basics for up to $58. But, unlike other huge resorts, Mt. La Crosse doesn’t offer lodging. No accommodation sits adjacent to it either. The nearest lodging is located 6.5 miles north.

However, Mt. La Crosse isn’t open for winter sports yet. There’s still no word as to when exactly this year it will open either. In the meantime, try to make the most of the days by plotting your visit, so when it opens, everything will be a lot smoother, so you can make the most out of your vacation.

10 – Tyrol Basin

If you’re a newbie and traveling with a pro or vice versa, Tyrol Basin is not to be missed. This place. With 32 acres of space for snow sports, you will surely find a spot at Tyrol Basin regardless of your mastery level.

To give you a peek at what awaits you, Tyrol Basin has superb terrain parks and 18 trails with varied challenges that people of all mastery levels will love.

But, Tyrol Basin isn’t only famous for being a ski and snowboard haven for people of different mastery levels. It turns out this resort is also famous for being a place for night skiing where you can purchase tickets for only $25.

On Tuesdays, you can score tickets for as low as $20. However, note that you need to come early to ensure your slot. Once the capacity limits are reached, the ticket sales will stop. To ensure you won’t miss it, you can purchase them online for faster and smoother transactions.

What is the longest ski run in Wisconsin?

What is the longest ski run in Wisconsin?

Mt. La Crosse is one of the resorts in Wisconsin that can offer an impressive range of terrain, which makes it a good spot for both novice and experienced skiers and snowboarders.

And among all of those runs in Mt. La Crosse is the state’s longest run. This stretches for about 5,300 feet, which will give you endless fun and thrill. The best part of it is that it offers a breathtaking view of the surrounding areas.

Wisconsin may not always be on top of your mind when talking about doing snow sports like skiing and snowboarding as there are countless of resorts out there even in other countries that will offer you a great snow sports experience.

But, you don’t always have to look further as The Badger State. Instead of spending a lot of money for an out of the country vacation or skiing and snowboarding experience, why not consider Wisconsin’s ski resorts first. It has a lot of things to boast of, making it one place that you shouldn’t miss.

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