Top 10 Best Rock Climbing Places in Austin

Austin Rock Climbing

Barton Creek Greenbelt and the Main Event are two of the best places to experience Austin rock climbing. But, these two are just the tip of the iceberg. Apparently, there are plenty more spots in Austin, Texas to choose from that rock climbers of all levels will enjoy – both indoors and outdoors.

Truth be told, Austin rock climbing is probably the least activity that will come to your mind when talking about Texas. It’s understandable, though, as the city doesn’t have cloud-piercing mountains to offer.

In spite of that, Austin can still fare well when it comes to rock climbing. Whether you’re new to rock climbing or not, the city is a place that you should check out for a great rock climbing experience.

If you’re looking for a place to be for the best Austin rock climbing experience, here’s a list that you might want to consider.

Barton Creek Greenbelt

If you’re seeking an outdoor popular extreme sport, rock climbing adventure, one of the first places you should look into is Barton Creek Greenbelt. It has 200 climbing routes and unlimited limestone cliffs. The climbs here range from 5.8 to 5.12+, which is a great workout.

Some highly-recommended walls are the great wall, Random wall, New wall, and the Terrace. It’s perfect for when you only have a limited time to visit.

Another thing to love about this place is that it also lets you enjoy running, biking, and walking. You can also take a dip at Barton Springs.

Barton Creek Greenbelt Rates

Barton Creek Greenbelts is for people who have a limited budget as it doesn’t require any fee to grant access. You won’t need a permit too.

McKinney Falls

Another spot in Austin to enjoy the great outdoors is McKinney Falls. Here, you will enjoy some of the hardest boulder problems that the city has to offer. It’s known for its short powerful moves on small pockets too.

But, because of this, McKinney Falls is not for you if you’re a beginner. This is because of the challenges that it poses. Even experienced climbers complain that they fall on its V2 warm-ups.

Unlike the Barton Creek Greenbelt, that’s accessible year-round, McKinney Falls is best to visit during Winter, Spring, and Fall.

McKinney Falls Rates

Located in McKinney Falls State Park, bouldering in this area requires a bit of fee. But, don’t worry, you won’t need to break the bank as you only have to pay $5 for the entrance tickets.

Bull Creek Park

The Bull Creek Park is yet another one of the well-loved outdoor rock climbing spots in Austin. This is because it has plenty of challenges to offer for both novice and experienced climbers.

If you’re new to outdoor rock climbing, the Big Chief Boulder is the place to go. However, make sure to bring a crash pad with you for softer landings. The cruxes of the majority of the problems in this climb are at the top. So, you might want to climb higher if you’re up for some challenge.

If you’re an experienced climber, go for the vertical-facing problems at the Bill Boulders and Walter Weed. With problems with a scale of V6 up to V8, you’ll surely break a sweat.

Bull Creek Park Rates

An entrance to Bull Creek Park will cost you zero dollars. No permits are needed either. So, take a chance on this rock climbing spot now.

Monster Rock

Monster Rock

Monster Rock has more than 40 lead routes, 37 boulder problems, and seven top rope sections. It has plenty of thrill to offer.

However, this isn’t a place for beginners. Due to its difficulty level, novice rock climbers are better off trying other destinations in Austin for a safer climb.

But, no matter how experienced you are, make sure to be extra careful. Apparently, the place has a pit between two cliffs. And it’s possible to hit the wall behind you if you fall on top-rope or lad. Thus, consider wearing protective gear, such as a helmet.

Monster Rock Rates

Moster Rock is situated in a private home’s backyard. Hence, it requires a little fee. But, don’t worry, for just $5, you can enjoy the place the whole day.

Also, if you decide to go here, make sure to contact the owner first. You can reach them here.

Hueco Tanks

If you’re a history buff and at the same time rock climbing enthusiast, the Hueco Tanks is for you. Apparently, this place is a series of rock outcrops. And they are already thousands of years old.

Back in the day, it served as a shelter to its previous dwellers. But, today, it became an attraction that gives you a peek into what was it like for its past inhabitants through the pictographs and petroglyphs they left on its walls.

Of course, Hueco Tanks is great for rock climbing too. It has various world-class problems to offer climbers of all levels.

But, before you pack your bags, note that authorities limit the visitors in the area. This is because of the irreplaceable artifacts that it houses.

Hueco Tanks Rates

To explore the Hueco Tanks, you will need to pay $7 worth of entrance fees. The prices may vary, though, depending on the season.

Also, before you go, it’s best to make a reservation first. You can call (512) 389-8900 for that.

Hueco Tanks only allows 70 visitors a day on a first-come, first-serve basis. So, the earlier you reserve your slot, the better.

Georgetown Hospital Riverside Sanctuary

Georgetown Hospital Riverside Sanctuary’s name might confuse you a bit but it’s actually a climbing area. It got its name due to its location, which is just behind the hospital in the river bed along the cliffside.

This place is perfect for when you’re looking for a quiet place to be. But, note that the climb is quite a bit difficult, especially if you’re not used to the smooth and steep limestones of Texas.

After climbing, you can simply chill under the tree in the area. You can also take a dip in the river nearby.

Georgetown Hospital Riverside Sanctuary Rates

Georgetown Hospital Riverside Sanctuary is free. But, it’s not clear if a parking fee is required.

Camp Eagle

Camp Egle is actually a private Christian Camp. But, it also allows public access to its climbing routes on several occasions.

This place is great for those who are into bouldering, sport climbing, and top-roping. The place’s rock climbing area is divided into two: the North Half and South Half.

If you’re looking for roped routes, you should head to the South Half. The North Half, on the other hand, is made up of scatted boulders.

What makes this place great is that it’s not just for rock climbing. It also offers trail running, hiking, and mountain biking.

Camp Eagle Rates

Camp Eagle rates vary depending on the length of your stay and the date. The earliest session is from June 3 to June 6. And this would cost you $300. You can dig for more information and make reservations here.

Main Event

Main Event

The Main Event is where you should go for an indoor Austin rock climbing experience. With its 28-ft. Wall, you can hone your skills better and prepare for an outdoor climb well. Of course, you can do it in a safer environment.

What’s more, the place is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. It also offers more fun than the outdoor rock climbing spots. Here, you can sing your heart out in its karaoke lounges, play with your friends with its bowling alleys, experience playing golf in the dark, and more.

Main Event Rates

Ticket prices at the Main Event start at $15.99. This buys you a rock climbing experience. Plus, you can get access to some of its facilities.

Reimer’s Ranch Park

Reimer’s Ranch Park boasts of deep canyons, overhangs, riverside cliffs, and crevasses. Plus, it offers fantastic views of the Texas Hill Country. And if you love the Barton Creek Greenbelt, you’ll love Reimer’s Ranch Park more as its rock is sharper.

The place is family-friendly too. This is because the park doesn’t only offer hiking. Here, you can connect with nature more with the mountain biking and hiking trails that it has. Plus, you can enjoy fishing and take a dip in its swimming holes.

Reimer’s Ranch Park also offers birding tours. But, they are only available from October to April. So, make sure to plan your visit well.

Reimer’s Ranch Park Rates

Reimer’s Ranch Park is one of the most budget-friendly rock climbing spots too. You can even take your whole family without breaking the bank. This is because the park only charges $10 per vehicle per day. So, pack your bags as early as now.

Austin Bouldering Project

Another indoor rock climbing place to consider is Austin Bouldering Project. If you’re a beginner at the sport, this is one of the places you need to go to.

Apart from rock climbing, the fitness center also offers adult bouldering classes. It also has yoga and fitness classes to help you strengthen your body as you hone your climbing skills.

Austin Bouldering Project Rates

A day pass at Austin Bouldering Project costs $18. This is perfect for when you just want to try their services for a day.

If you feel like this gym is the one, you can sign up for a single-month membership at $95. And for recurring monthly memberships, prices start at $40.

Crux Climbing Center

Crux Climbing Center is also an indoor rock climbing place to love about Austin. This place is also perfect if you have zero knowledge about the sport. Here, you can take climbing classes and you have the option to get private lessons from its seasoned instructors.

Moreover, the place has both yoga and fitness facilities. It also offers yoga and fitness classes.

Crux Climbing Center

For a day pass, you can enjoy Crux Climbing Center for $24 with gear included. If you decide to frequent the place, a full membership starts at $95.

Austin may not be the household name for rock climbing. But, it can still compete with the kind of experience that it can give to rock climbers of all ages and skill levels.

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