Top 10 New Extreme Adventure Sports in 2021 – 2022

There are several new sports that everyone can enjoy today, which will definitely satisfy your cravings for some adrenaline rush.

With such new sports, you can take your favorite activities to the next level or even get to try something you’ve never heard of before, which will surely be memorable.

The pandemic has taken a toll on many countries, especially last year. Because of this, many people were stuck at home worrying a lot about their health, as well as their loved ones.

In addition to that, it made many people crave more for heart-racing activities.

Luckily, as everything starts going back to normal, there are numerous exciting sports await you in the great outdoors.

And with restrictions easing in many parts of the world, you don’t want to miss these new extreme adventure sports this year.

1 – Volcano Surfing

Since the cold months are here, why not warm up and go volcano surfing? Don’t worry, you won’t be actually surfing the lava on the mouth of the volcano.

Volcano Surfing

Invented in 2006 by Darryn Webb due to his desire to come down faster from the 2,400-foot high Cerro Negro, volcano surfing allows you to surf the slopes of ashes on the volcano.

To give you a better idea of this sport, imagine sandboarding but on a volcano.

Here, you’ll need a surfboard to ride the ashes. Usually, riders use boards with bindings and boots. But, the good thing about this sport is that you don’t need to buy expensive gear.

Even mere thin plywood or any other metal board can be used.

But, you will need some protective gear like goggles and jumpsuits. This is because most locations for this kind of sport are still active.

Hence, you need some protection from the fumes and other chemicals released by the volcano.

2 – Ice Swimming

If swimming in your pool has already become boring for you, you need to try out ice swimming. It’s literally the coolest sport that you can ever find.

New Extreme Adventure Sport: Ice swimming

Many people from the Eastern part of Europe and Russia have already been enjoying swimming in icy waters since the 15000s.

But, it wasn’t until 2009 that it became an organized sport after the International Ice Swimming Association was founded.

As its name suggests, this sport requires you to swim in icy waters. The rules are simple.

First, it doesn’t matter whether it takes place in a pool or a natural body of water. As long as the water temperature is at 41℉ or less, it’s a go.

For the gear, a standard swimsuit that doesn’t extend below the knees or above the shoulders and neckline is required.

Wetsuits are forbidden but players are allowed to wear a cap and a pair of goggles. Also, the race distances should only be 1km and 1m.

3- Powerbocking

Invented by German aerospace engineer Alexander Boeck, this sport will make you feel like a kangaroo. For starters, you’ll wear a pair of shoes loaded with spring. These shoes are the ones that will catapult you through the air.

New Extreme Adventure Sport: Powerbocking

Powerbocking is a bit like riding a pogo but the stilt-like shoes will raise you about two feet from the ground. Also, over time, you will be able to reach new heights as you move.

At first glance, the sport looks cool. It turns out, it’s not all fun and games. Because as you reach new heights, you’re also more prone to serious injuries. Hence, this sport is considered extreme.

There’s still no official gear required for this sport besides the shoes themselves. But, powerbocking connoisseurs suggest wearing knee pads, helmets, as well as protective clothing.

While the sport may seem harmless, the height and speed involved make it dangerous, so it’s best to wear some safety gear just to be sure.

4 – Blobbing

The year 2011 was when blobbing battle was first organized. For starters, this is an outdoor water activity where you’ll be catapulted in the water up to more than 50 feet while your partner jumps on the other end of the blob.

New Extreme Adventure Sport: Blobbing

Today, several resorts and attractions offer this kind of experience because of the thrill that it can give. However, the sport also has several risks.

With awkward water landings, you could end up with huge painful bruises and even fractures. You could also hurt your head, as well as your ears.

5 – Extreme Pogo

Pogo has been around for a long time since it was invented around 1919.  And some of you have probably tried it back in the days too.

Top 10 New Extreme Adventure Sports in 2021: Pogo

But, in 2004, extreme pogo sticks became available in the market. Unlike the usual sticks many people have gotten used to, this one can support adult weight better.

And, of course, it doesn’t easily break when you perform tricks.

Over the years, many tricks were introduced to the fans of the said sport, which made X pogo even better. But, like other extreme sports, X pogo also has risks.

Some of them are sprains and fractures. That’s why wearing protective gear is a must for participants.

6 – Ice Cross Downhill

Ice cross downhill is one of the extreme sports you can try during winter. First organized by Red Bull Pvt. Ltd.

Ice cross downhill extreme new adventure sport

In 2001, you’ll compete with several racers on a downhill course at speeds up to about 50 miles per hour,  which is 1.11 times as fast as a greyhound.

To give you a better idea of how the sport is played, it’s a bit like ski cross racing or snowboard cross racing. However, for this sport, you will need ice skates to skate downhill instead of snowboards.

Since this sport is risky, you will not only need our skating shoes. You’ll also need protective gear to lower your chances of getting hurt or injured during the game.

7 – Canyon Swing

Canyon swing is also one of the new sports you need to try. Invented in the early 2000s, this sport will make your heart pounding, especially if you have fear of heights.

Canyon Swing

If you have already tried bungee jumping, then you probably know how scary this sport can be.

Originally from Queenstown, New Zealand, this sport lets you jump off the world’s highest cliff, which is about 60 meters. Don’t worry, you’ll be strapped in a safety harness.

What makes it different from bungee jumping, though, is first, you’ll be jumping off the world’s highest cliff. Aside from that, you will be swinging a lot.

It’s a heart-racing experience, especially as you stand on the platform. But, it’s fun as you’ll also be rewarded with beautiful views of the area, which you don’t see every day.

8 – Skyaking

Nope, you didn’t read it wrong. It’s not a typo. Apparently, there is actually a sport called skyaking – a combination of skydiving and kayaking.

New Extreme Adventure Sport: Skyaking

This may be a bit confusing for some as skydiving is done thousands of feet in the sky and kayaking is done in bodies of water. So, how’s it possible?

Apparently, in 2010, Miles Daisher, a skydiver and a constant thrill-seeker decided to take sky diving to a new level. In a small plane, he jumped over North Tahoe from 7,000 feet in a kayak.

Because of its uniqueness, Daisher has attracted international attention, which made the sport known.

However, it’s not something ideal for beginners to try out. According to Daisher, freefalling thousands of feet in a boat is tricky as the boat could greatly affect your fall.

Also, the skill you need to land perfectly requires the combination of your skydiving and kayaking expertise to avoid injury.

Additionally, you need to sit perfectly once you reach the altitude of 5,000 feet, or else, you will need to work double to prevent issues. Also, your kayak needs to have its own parachute so it won’t damage or hurt anything or anyone once it hits the ground.

9 – Scootering

Scootering gained more popularity in 2006. And it’s a great sport to try if you’re already bored with the normal scootering you’re familiar with.

Basically, this sport is like a combination of BMXing and skateboarding.

New Extreme Adventure Sport: Scootering

Here, you also have ramps to perform on and you need to show cool tricks. The difference that it has with BMXing and skateboarding, needless to say, is the equipment used since you’ll be using your scooter.

Scootering is easier to learn than BMXing. However, its wheels can be pretty limiting. It’s also safer than skateboarding as you have more control of your equipment.

10 – Bossaball

Bossaball is also a relatively new extreme sport that’s worth trying. Invented by Filip Eyckmans in 2004, this ball game combines the elements of football, volleyball, capoeira, and gymnastics. 

New Extreme Adventure sport: Bossaball

But, also because of how physically demanding the sport is, it’s best to take extra care when playing it. Regardless, it’s a fun game to play, especially it’s a mixed-gender sport, so anyone can try it.

There are a lot of sports out there but because they’ve been around for years, some has become a little boring for some.

Plus, the pandemic made everyone miss the thrill of doing extreme sports. So, people really crave more thrill these days. Luckily, these new sports can satisfy your cravings for new adventures.

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