Water Rafting Colorado Guide & Review

Water Rafting Colorado Guide & Review

Water rafting Colorado can be a bit overwhelming for newbies. This is because the state has numerous rapids. Here, you’ll find rapids that have different levels for various rafters. So, you will need a good water rafting Colorado guide & review. If you’re new to this state and this adventurous sport, read on.

How much does it cost to go white water rafting in Colorado?

Colorado has plenty of rapids waiting for adventure seekers. But, you also need to prepare your budget for this trip.

The cost of a white water rafting trip in Colorado depends on several factors. But, generally speaking, fees usually start at around $50 to $100 for an adult. For children who are between five and 12 years old, the cost would be about $80 each.

But then again, the prices may vary. One of the factors that can change a white rafting trip in Colorado is the season.

Like in other tourist spots, the trips during peak season at the rapids in the state usually go up. This is from late June to Mid-August. Off-seasons, however, offer lower prices for trips.

Your chosen trip provider may also have different pricing compared to others. Thus, make sure to take it into consideration too. Take a look at as much water rafting Colorado guide & review and tips as much as you can before you book a trip.

Where can I go rafting in Colorado?

Colorado actually has numerous rapids to offer. Whether you’re new to the sport of white water rafting or not, you will surely find a good place to quench your thirst for adrenaline.

In case you’re planning for a white water rafting trip in the Centennial State, here are some of the best places you should go to.

Arkansas River

Arkansas River offers more than 100 miles of some of the greatest rapids in Colorado. It’s perfect for beginners and pros alike. No wonder this is considered one of the most popular rafting rivers in the West.

If you want a calm ride, the river has rapids that are Class II to III. And if you’re already a pro and you’re feeling like a daredevil, there are Class IV to V rapids for you.

Prices here range from about $60 to a little over $100.

Animas River

Located in Southwest Colorado, the Animas River is yet another place to bring your family and friends. Whether you’re in for some leisurely ride or a good adrenaline-filled trip, this place is for you.

Just like the Arkansas River, Animas also has calm rapids where you can bring your family and friends for a leisurely ride. As you pass through the man-made rapids of this place, you will also be able to feast your eyes on some of the beautiful views of the surrounding area that will get you closer to nature.

And if you’re done with some adventure, go to the upper Animas. It has a continuous stretch on rapids that can get as challenging as Class IV to V.

For visitors who want to try the calm rapids at the Lower Animas, the price of the trips starts at $39. As for the Upper Animas, the trips start at $449.

Can you raft the Colorado River in Colorado?

The Colorado River is one of the famous white water rafting spots in the United States. It’s so well-known and loved that locals and tourists from around the world alike flock to this place. So, yes, you can raft the Colorado River too.

Be warned, though. This river offers miles of excitement. For you to be able to fully enjoy the trip, experts suggest spending a minimum of seven days in a motorized raft. But, if you’ll use an oar-powered one, it will likely take you about 15 days.

So, if you’re planning to complete explore the Colorado River, make sure that your schedule is clear.

White Water Rafting Colorado Denver Best Spots

Denver is one of the regions of Colorado that’s near to some good white water rafting spots in Colorado. If you’re in Denver or just around the corner, here’s where you need to go.

Clear Creek Canyon

Just 30 minutes away from Denver, this place offers different levels of rapids to cater to people of all ages. It also has great trips for advanced rafters. Plus, you have an option of a guided trip.

For those who want to enjoy rafting and take in some of the best views in Denver, you’ll love its Class II and II rapids.

If you’re in for some adventure, don’t worry, the Clear Creek Canyon also has a spot for you – its rapids that can stretch up to Class V.

What’s more, this place is nestled in a historic site where you can get a glimpse of the bygone mining valley.

There is also wildlife in the area, such as muskrats, bears, and mountain lions. So make sure to keep an eye on them.

Royal Gorge

Royal Gorge is a bit further from Denver. But, it’s still worth visiting. This river runs through the Arkansas River through colorado Springs. If you’re traveling with your family, this place is more ideal for you. This is because the rapids here are calmer for their Class III to IV speed.

However, note that it’s not for families with small kids. Unfortunately, children who are at least 14 years old and older are allowed.

Blue River

A rafting trip in Blue River will lead you from the high mountain streams. Then, it will take you straight into the best adventure of your life.

If you want to fully enjoy your trip to the Blue River, it’s highly suggested to start a half-day trip, sliding down the mountain from Idaho Springs.

The best part of being in this place is that the site also offers zip lining experience to its visitors. So, don’t miss out on this too.

Eagle River

Eagle River also has something for everyone. Whether you’re new to the rafting world or you’re already an experienced rafter, this place has something for you. Hence, expect to see crowds in the area.

The best part of rafting at the Eagle River is that it cuts through about 150 miles of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. That said, you will not just quench your thirst for some adrenaline rush but you can also fill yoru eyes with some of the best views of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. 

Be warned, though, the Eagle River has become a prime location for both white water enthusiasts and recreational adventurers. So, if you’re wary about the crowd in the area, you might want to skip this place instead.

Fraser River

The Frase River offers views of the Fraser Canyon. But, that’s not the only thing you have to see.

Apparently, the white water rafting trip is also worth trying. Here, you will be guided by informative and entertaining staff and owners that will make your rafting experience worthwhile.

In case the water gets rough, you don’t have to worry much like the guides here are very well trained and they make sure you’re fine throughout the experience.

White Water Rafting Colorado Estes Park Review

White Water Rafting Colorado Estes Park Review

The Estes Park is a famous tourist spot, particularly during the summer season. In winter, it gets mellow. So, if you don’t mind the crown and you’re all for the good weather and rafting experience, this place is for you. Just make sure to time your visit in summer.

In winter, however, the place gets mellow. Fewer locals and tourists visit the place for white water rafting trips. But, the views, especially during winter are unparalleled as you’ll get a chance to see the beauty of the snow-capped mountains surrounding the town.

And no matter what season it is, the Colorado Estes Park has plenty of guides and tour organizers to choose from.

Apart from rafting, Colorado Estes Park offers horseback riding tours, aerial tramway rides, museum trips, and more. It’s a perfect place for a quick getaway whether or not you’re into white water rafting.

Royal Gorge Rafting – Colorado White Water Rafting Tours Review

Colorado, indeed, has plenty of rivers for white water rafting. However, sometimes, the trips differ depending on your chosen tour provider.

In Royal Gorge, one of the most popular tour providers is the Royal Gorge Rafting and Zipline Tours. This team of experts is well-praised for their informative staff who lets you get a peek at the history and some other stories of the Royal Gorge.

What’s more, they are also great at handling new rafters. Their staff embers are ever so patient and will help you enhance your skills.

Even if you’re already an experienced rafter, you will also enjoy their company. Apart from sharing the ins and outs of the trips and the sport itself, you will enjoy booking them for a trip for the entertainment value that they can give, making you enjoy the trip more than ever.

If you decide to book them for a trip, note that the prices for adults start at $105 for a half-day trip. And for a full-day trip, tickets cost $175.

Best White Water Rafting Breckenridge Co

Unfortunately, you can’t raft right in Breckenridge Co. But, this place offers many outdoor activities that you will still enjoy.

If you’re looking for a magical summer rafting vacation, head to the Breckenridge Co. This place nearly has everything you could ask for, including hiking, biking, and even skiing, depending on the season.

In spite of the fact that you can’t go white water rafting in this place, Breckenridge Co has a good location that’s near several rivers where you can enjoy rafting. Here are some of them.

Browns Canyon

Browns Canyon is one of the rafting sites in Colorado that newbies will especially enjoy due to its Class III rapids. Kids, even those who are as young as six years old can enjoy it. The rapids can stretch up to Class IV, though. But, it’s still low enough to have a leisurely ride.

Clear Creek

Clear Creek is also a stone’s throw away from Breckenridge Co. Despite its rapids that range between Class II and IV, everyone can still enjoy it – even families with small children. If you’re in Denver or Breckenridge, this place is so easy to get to.

Blue River

Among the rivers near the Breckenridge Co, the Blue River is the closest. This river will give you some of the most breathtaking views in the state.

However, the Blue River rafting window is shorter compared to other rafting sites on this list. That said, it’s best to call your chosen tour coordinator first before you go.

Colorado River

The Colorado River is also one of the closest rivers to the Breckenridge Co. while it’s an hour’s drive away, this place can offer you the best rafting experience regardless of your age.

Apart from the excitement of the rapids themselves, the Colorado River will treat you to the views of the towering walls of the Glenwood Canyon.

The best part is, you can also take a dip in some of the parts of the Colorado River during summer.

White Water Rafting Colorado Idaho Springs

Idaho Springs has a great history behind the excitement that it brings to locals and tourists alike – be it rafters or not.

Idaho Springs has several trip providers. If you want to know where to book a trip, here’s a quick list of who you should turn to for the greatest rafting adventure of your life.

Rocky Whitewater Rafting

If you’re traveling with your family, you should book a trip with Rocky Whitewater Rafting. Here, you’ll be guided by the most experienced and dedicated river guides. They also take pride in the equipment they use to ensure every rafter’s safety throughout the trip.

Rocky Whitewater Rafting offers trips tailored to rafters of all levels. For beginners, they will take you to Class II-III rapids. Intermediate rafters are taken to Class II to IV; and experts to Class III to V.

Raft Masters

Unlike Rocky Whitewater Rafting, Raft Masters only offers two rafting trips to Clear Creek. One of them is for beginners and the other is for intermediate rafters. So, if you belong in such categories, this is the team for you.

For starters, they will take you on a quick 1 and a half to two hours trip. And they will make sure that you come back to Idaho Springs.

Colorado Adventure Center

The Colorado Adventure Center, on the other hand, offers different trips tailored to your needs and sills. Whether you’re a beginner or an advanced rafter, this tour provider has something for you.

What’s more, you can also adjust the duration of your trip. If you want a quick trip, you can book a “Happy Hour” trip with Colorado Adventure Center.

Clear Creek Rafting

Clear Creek Rafting offers a premier Idaho Springs river rafting experience. Here, you can choose trips from Class II to Class V.

Don’t worry, regardless of which rapids you choose, Clear Creek rafting will make sure that you will get a chance to see Colorado wildlife in their natural habitat.

AVA Rafting and Zipline

Also known as AVA, this tour provider offers an abundance of trips to offer that can cater to rafters of all levels. You also have plenty of options, durations, and difficulty. If you’re into discovering something new and thrilling rafting experience, AVA is for you.

What’s more, it offers a zip line experience. This is perfect for an after-rafting trip.

White Water Rafting Colorado River Glenwood Springs

Glenwood Springs also has numerous trip providers. If you’re new to rafting, it can get quite overwhelming to see who to call for tours. If you’re not sure, here’s a quick list of the most-trusted tour providers in the area.

Whitewater Rafting LLC

With decades of experience in the rafting industry, Whitewater Rafting, LCC, is one of the best tour providers you can lean on. Here, no matter what type of river adventure you’re looking for, you will find it, thanks to its dedicated staff.

And if you’re new to rafting, its staff won’t let you down either. They are very knowledgeable and they can help you take your skills to the next level.

However due to health concerns during these tough times, as of writing, Whitewater rafting, LCC reduced its capacity. So, if you plan to book a tour with them, make sure to check their calendar first.

Blue Sky Adventures

Blue Sky Adventures

Another adventure provider that has been around for years is Blue Sky Adventures. With its decades of experience, you’re guaranteed that you’re safe and that you will enjoy every second of your trip.

Although small, this company can talk bg about its reputation. For more than 40 years, it has contributed a lot to the rafting experience of locals and tourists alike.

Defiance Rafting

Defiance Rafting lets you experience what it’s like to be a local in the area. It will take you to Colorado’s top rafting rivers, such as Glenwood Springs.

Defiance Rafting also prides itself in providing a laid-back scenic trip to clients who are looking for a tranquil experience. And if you’re in for such a trip, this tour prover is for you.

The Best Colorado White Water Rafting Spots, According To Us

With so many rivers in the Centennial State, it’s so hard to explore them all in one day. But, if you have a little time for some white water rafting, may water rafting Colorado guide & review experts will say these are are the best places to be – and we agree too!

Yampa River

Northwest Colorado prides itself on having the Yampa River. This is because it’s the longest non-dammed river in the state.

Apart from that, what makes it worth visiting is its peaceful lazy floats. This is perfect for those who are looking for a tranquil retreat. And because the rapid is calmer, you have more time to take in the views of the Yampa Canyon.

Plus, the river meets up with the Green River in Dinosaur National Monument. Hence, you’ll get a chance to get a glimpse of it too.

Colorado River

Of course, who would forget the Colorado River? This place has many awesome sessions that can cater to rafters of all ages and levels.

What makes it great is that even if you’re feeling fearless, this place has something for you. In fact, it’s regarded as the most fierce rafter whitewater in the state. If you’re wondering where to do white water rafting we have a guide for that.

Piedra River

Piedra River offers two great trips: The Upper Piedra River and the Lower Piedra River.

In the Upper Piedra River, the trips are technical. Hence, it’s best suited for kids who are 12 years and older. The rapids here are also Class !!, III, and IV.

The Lower Piedra River, on the other hand, is more ideal for experienced rafters. This is because it has huge drops and big thrills. Hence, it’s only suited for rafters who are 16 years old and above.

Poudre River

Poudre River, unlike the other ones on his list, has a limited number of outfitters guiding trips.  Hence, it’s less crowded.

But, that doesn’t mean it’s not worth visiting. It turns out, this place offers some of the most scenic sights in the state. And you can enjoy it more due to the level of the rapids that’s Class II to IV.

White water rafting is dangerous and sometimes overwhelming. So, if you’re a beginner, it’s best to consult the water rafting Colorado Guide & review experts first food for a safer and more fun trip.

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