What Is A Mosfet Airsoft?

What Is A Mosfet Airsoft

MOSFET airsoft uses MOSFET, an electronic switch that’s powered by a battery. It closes the circuit electronically; hence the name. You can use it in an airsoft pistol’s wiring. People use it as its purpose is to divert the electrical current away from the trigger contacts when you’re using your airsoft gun.

What Is A MOSFET Airsoft?

If you’re into airsoft, you’ve probably heard of the term MOSFET. In case you’re new and wondering what it is, let’s take a closer look.

A MOSFET stands for Metal Oxide Semiconductor Field Effect Transistor. If you’re new to the world of airsoft and when you hear airsoft players talk about it, they mean a “switch.”

In a more technical term, it is a type of transistor. Airsoft players use it as an amplifier or switch as it diverts electrical currents away from the trigger’s metal contacts.

This protects your airsoft gun from wearing over time. This is because it safeguards your AEG’s electrical circuits and internals as you pull your airsoft gun’s trigger.

You see, one of the disadvantages of airsoft guns is that they are very prone to wear and tear. Hence, they frequently need upkeep. Installing MOSFET, however, can help keep your airsoft gun last longer.

How To Install MOSFET Airsoft

Airsoft guns don’t always come with a MOSFET. And so, you will need to install it. If you’re new to airsoft, here’s how you can install it.

First, make sure that you are prepared with the necessary tools, such as a 40 Watt soldering iron, screwdriver, rosin core electrical solder, wire clippers, strippers, small lighter, heat shrink tubing, extra wiring, and a flux pen, to name a few.

Then, secure a proper environment, such as your garage where you will have proper lighting. Then, follow these steps:

  • Remove the BBs in the hop-up chamber, as well as the inner barrel, and unplug your gun’s battery.
  • Disassemble your gun and extract the gearbox,
  • Solder the wires directly to the motor or crimp the female spade connection on the motor wires (add heat shrink) since you may overheat the connectors and cause additional difficulties.
  • Apply tin to the pads to prepare your airsoft MOSFET.
  • Connect the battery wires to the MOSFET battery pads with a soldering iron.
  • Solder the motor cables to the appropriate pads.
  • Connect the trigger wires (please notice that some trigger pads only have one pad; if this is the case, solder the second wire to “BAT+”).
  • Lastly, check if there are no solder bridges, particularly on bat+, bat-, as well as mot+ and mot-, and ensure that everything is connected well.

Airsoft MOSFET Trigger System

Before you add a MOSFET system to your airsoft gun, though, note that there are different types of MOSFET systems: the basic, plug and play, and drop-in trigger board.


Plain MOSFETs only have one function and it is to protect the trigger contacts that’s built into your airsoft gun. If you’re on a budget, these are ideal for you as they are the most affordable type in the market.

However, note that it comes with a drawback – and that is it comes without customizable controls for your AEG.

Plug and Play

MOSFETs that are ready to use come with a risk.

Remember, the basic function of a MOSFET is to act as a regulator for the electrical current in your gun. But, the question for plug-and-play MOSFETS is, “Is this protecting my trigger connections if no wiring has changed?”

With this choice, the battery current still passes through your trigger connections. Therefore, it is not highly recommended for protection. If all you want is three-round burst modes, though, this could be a less expensive solution to enhance your AEG.

Drop-In Trigger

Drop-in trigger boards are the most expensive MOSFETs available on the market. This option is costly and replaces the movable trigger contacts entirely with sensors.

You could go for this option, though, if you wish to change the trigger feel. When compared to typical trigger contacts, the trigger will feel much lighter with shorter pulls.

You’ll be able to adjust the feel of your trigger via Bluetooth, which is great for techies. Even if it comes at a cost, it’s a fantastic addition. This is especially true for those who have been playing for a long time and have greater experience.

Best Airsoft Guns With MOSFET System

Best Airsoft Guns With MOSFET System

Installing a MOSFEt system on your own can be a hassle. If you have the budget, why not go for the ones that already come with it? In case you need suggestions about which ones to buy, here’s a quick suggestion.

VFC Avalon Saber

VFC is known for creating great airsoft rifles. One of its best guns in the market today is the Avalon Saber. This already comes with a dual MOSFET. Its stock is adjustable, its fire selector switch is ambidextrous, and the rear sight is detachable.

Umarex H&K 416 A5 with Avalon Gearbox

Another good airsoft gun that’s from VFC that comes with a MOSFET system is Umarex H7K 416 A5. It is one of the most reliable high-performance AEGs you can buy in the market today. Hence, many are raving about it.

The downside, though, is that it is also one of the highly-priced airsoft guns in the market. But, if you’re willing to spend, it’s definitely worth its price.

Krytac KRISS Vector

Krytac’s KRISS Vector is also one of the most beautiful airsoft guns today. And we’re not only talking about its features. We’re also talking about its aesthetics. What’s more, its switch and selectors have a satisfying click to them.

If you want to play better with a quality airsoft gun while staying posh, this one is definitely for you.

Airsoft guns aren’t created equal. Hence, it’s important to get to know your gun first. You can start by reading more about MOSFETs to help you purchase the best airsoft gun that’s suited for you and yoru budget.

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