What Is The Average Punching Speed? Punching Speed Analyzed

What Is The Average Punching Speed? Punching Speed Scientifically Analyzed

An average boxer has a punch speed that can go as fast as 25 miles per hour. Some could go faster than that. In fact, there are fighters who can punch as fast as up to more than 30 to 45 miles per hour, especially those who practice martial arts.

How Fast Can Be A Human Punch? Scientifically Explained

If you’re into combat sports (which is considered as an extreme sport), you’ve probably wondered how fast a human can punch. Lucky for you, Science has an answer to that.

In most cases, instead of scientific measurement, people determine the fastest punches by observing with their eyes. However, it is difficult to gauge the pace of a fighter’s attack because a punch does not go in a straight line.

Recent technological advancements, though, have made scientific punch speed measuring more feasible than a general assumption based on observation. As a result, several pieces of punch speed information have become more precise and accessible.

And according to Science, the average speed of boxers could go as fast as up to 25 miles per hour. Some, however, can go faster than that.

Filipino boxer Manny Pacquiao, for instance, can punch as fast as 60 to 100 milliseconds. He even delivered knockout punches in 0.12 seconds during his prime.

As for the average person who has no boxing experience, they can only punch as fast as 15 miles per hour on average.

How To Increase Your Punching Speed?

How To Increase Your Punching Speed

Manny Pacquiao and other boxers have impressive punch speeds. This leaves average people wondering how they do that. Well, the answer is lots of training and proper form.

To increase your punching speed, you will need to utilize your legs, hips, abdominal muscles, chest, back, as well as arm muscles. Yes, you read it right, you don’t just use your arms when punching.

Exercises to Increase Punching Speed

Once you’ve mastered the form, you will need plenty of training. And you can do with several exercises that are focused on improving your punch speed like the following:

  • Pull-Ups/Chin-Ups – For this, use a pull-up bar. Lift your body until your chin is at the height of your bar. Then, slowly release and fully extend your elbows.
  • Push-Up – With your hands shoulder-width apart, drop down in a push-up position Then, lower yourself. Once at the bottom of your movement, quickly push yourself back up.
  • Shadow Boxing – Do this exercise as if you’re striking a punching bag. However, you will punch in the air. Try to increase your speed with these combinations:
  • Jab – jab – cross
  • Jab- jab – jab lead hook – cross
  • Jab – cross – lead hook

These exercises will work on your arms, strengthening them. At the same time, they will help you increase your punching speed as they also work on the other parts of your body that are also crucial for your punch speed and strength.

Other Tricks to Increase Punch Speed

Aside from exercises, you can also use several tools to help you throw fast and powerful punches.

One of them is hand weights. You can use them when shadowboxing.

You can also utilize focus mitts when training. However, this requires the help of another person to help you train as they should hold the mitts for you.

Of course, don’t forget about the technique. Make sure your elbows don’t flare out when throwing jabs or crosses. Also, ensure to keep your punches tight to the body.

Punching Speed: How is it Measured?

Before, experts measure punching speed merely by observing the fighters. However, its accuracy isn’t always reliable.

Thankfully, technology is here. Today, punches are accurately measured with tools like smartphones. They measure the velocity of your punch with the accelerometer while the phone is in your hand.

What’s The Velocity Of Boxers Punch?

What’s The Velocity Of Boxers Punch

Boxers can punch as fast as 25 miles per hour on average. However, there are fighters who can top that and reach speeds up to 32 to 45 miles per hour.

But, note that this may also depend on the boxing style that fighters use. Boxing-style punches are different from the ones thrown in martial arts. Hence, there’s a difference in speed and power.

Who Is The Fastest Puncher?

The title for the fastest puncher is still a hot topic for debate today. This is because it’s actually hard to give a concrete answer as fighters use different styles, which can affect their speed. 

And, of course, they can’t simply depend on the speed to win a match. OS, it’s not always everyone’s focus. Additionally, not every fighter has undergone testing to evaluate their punching speed.

But, the Guinness World Record says Keith Liddell holds the title for the fastest martial arts punch. His punch was recorded at 45 miles per hour.

Each sport will train you more or less about speed but they are not all the same: Brazilian jiu-jitsu is different than kickboxing, jeet-kune-do or japanese shoot-boxing.

A boxer’s punching speed is important. But, your technique and strength matter too. So, when training, don’t just focus on your speed to merely break records. Make sure to master the right techniques too and improve the strength of your punches to have an advantage in the ring.

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