What Is The Best Fighting Style In UFC/MMA?

What Is The Best Fighting Style In UFC/MMA

Wrestling is probably the best fighting style in UFC/MMA in general. This is because it gives you a greater advantage to control your opponent o the ground. Plus, it helps strengthen your body, which is all the more beneficial in the sport. Many fighters these days have a good foundation in wrestling can attest to that.

​​What is the best fighting style in UFC?

UFC is one of the prestigious competitions that a mixed martial arts fighter can participate in. And if you actually win a title, you’ll not only gain recognition but more self-confidence. Because of that, you might wonder what is the best fighting style to win a bout.

If you were to ask pros, many would suggest building a strong foundation in wrestling. This will give you a good overall strength as this sport focuses on improving probably every part of your body. In addition to that, you have more advantage on the ground. 

And many UFC players can attest to that. In fact, six out of seven male UFC champions have a wrestling background.

These fighters are Khabib Nurmagomedov, Daniel Cormier, and Jon Jones, to name a few. And if you were to take a peek at their records, the numbers can say it all.

Jon Jones, especially has been undefeated even until today. His one loss, though, is a result of disqualification for 12-6 elbows in his fight with Matt Hamill.

What is the best fighting style for MMA?

What is the best fighting style for MMA

In non-professional MMA, some would say Brazilian Jiu Jitsu is the best fighting style. Yes, it does give you an advantage as it also uses movies that can take down one’s opponents.

However, wrestling remains on top. Again, it’s because of the strength that it can give you over time.

What’s more, whether you’re fighting in a professional MMA bout or not, the rules of the sport are more advantageous to wrestlers. You see, MMA fights are scored based on effective striking, grappling, cage control, and aggression. And with wrestling, it’s easier to do that.

With this, you can easily control your opponent. Take them down to the mat and you get points. Winning an MMA fight is not that different from winning a UFC fight.

It gives you some bragging rights and prestigious titles. So, many ask what is the best fighting style in UFC/MMA. If you want to get that title, make sure to hone your wrestling skills well to gain more advantage in the cage.

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