What Is The Highest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt?

What Is The Highest Brazilian Jiu Jitsu Belt

10th degree red belt is the highest Brazilian jiu jitsu belt that you can get. To achieve this, it takes decades of practice. You have to be one of the pioneers of the sport to earn this belt. As of now, though, there are no living 10th degree red belter.

What is the highest Brazilian jiu jitsu belt?

Like other forms of martial arts, Brazilian jiu jitsu also has a belt system. Each belt has different degrees or “stripes” that you have to earn to move up the ladder.

The highest Brazilian jiu jitsu belt is red with ten degrees. Next is a red and black belt with eight degrees.

Often, many people are already astounded to hear someone say they are already a black belter. While it’s indeed impressive, apparently, black is only the third-highest belt that you can get in Brazilian jiu jitsu. And for a black belter to move to a higher belt, one must gain six stripes first.

Brown belt is the fourth-highest white four degrees to earn. Next are purple, then blue, and – the lowest – white. All of them require four stripes before you could move up.

However, the number of degrees or stipes required depends on what system your school follows.

Are there any 10th degree black belts?

Are there any 10th degree black belts

In some BJJ schools, you only have to gain six stripes to move up from your black belt. But, there are others who require a 10 degree black belt before they award the student with the red and black belt.

So, why the difference, you say?

Apparently, this is due to the rank systems and styles that the schools follow. It could be Machado, Gracie, etc.

Is red belt the highest belt?

The red belt is the highest belt in Brazilian jiu jitsu. For you to earn it, you have to pass the red and black belt by earning eight stripes. But, just because you’re awarded a red belt after that, doesn’t mean your BJJ journey has come to an end. 

It turns out, you still have to earn ten stripes to become a “full-fledged” red belter in the sport.

Brazilian jiu jitsu takes years to master. In fact, it may take you decades before you could earn one of the highest belts in the sport. And the road to the top isn’t easy.

For that reason, there are only a few 10 degree red belters. They are Carlos Gracie, Gastao Gracie, Jorge Gracie, Helio Gracie, Oswaldo Gracie, and Luiz Franca Filho.

Earning a stripe or degree in Brazilian jiu jitsu is, indeed, exciting and it gives you a lot of confidence. But, don’t be too complacent.

Because if you were to ask what is the highest Brazilian jiu jitsu belt, it’s likely that you have a long way to go. But, don’t worry, all those decades of practice are going to be worth it.

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