Where To Go White Water Rafting?

Where To Go White Water Rafting

The Rogue River and Colorado River are the place to be to do white water rafting. They offer different kinds of excitement that will surely make you want to come back time and again for some rafting. But, these places are just the tip of the iceberg. There are still plenty of spots for such an adventure sport, especially in the United States

Where to go white water rafting?

White water rafting is a fun outdoor activity. In this sport, you can enjoy the waters as the rapids make your heart race. At the same time, you can also get to fill your eyes with the best views of nature surrounding the area.

When talking on a worldwide scale, experts will say where to go white water rafting is in places like Canada, Australia, and Argentina, to name a few. But, if you’re in the United States, you don’t need to look further.

The United States actually has a lot of sites for white water rafting. Their rapids may vary in level but all of them make them a great place for people of all ages and rafting skills.

If you’re looking for a place for some great white water adventure trips, the east coast and the west coast are the places to be when you’re in the United States.

These regions have countless rivers to offer with various rapid levels. So, whether you’re new to white water rafting or not, you will surely find an adventure that will suit you.

Some white water rafting spots can be more perilous than others so make sur to find the right spot according to your level.

In case you need some specific suggestions, read on for more tips and lists of great locations.

Where to white water rafting on the east coast?

Where to white water rafting on the east coast

The east coast serves as a home to some of the best white water rafting spots in the country. It has a plethora of white water rafting options where you can feast your eyes with lush scenery.

Whether you’re looking for something to quench your thirst for some adrenaline rush or you want to spend a great vacation with your family, here are a few places that even pros highly recommend.

Nantahala River

Nantahala River is for families and newbies who don’t know where to go white water rafting on the east coast. With Class II and III rapids, newbies and families will love it.

It has the right amount of rapids that allows you to have more time to savor the beauty of the scenery in the area. Plus, the rapids are enough to let you experience, prepare you, and help you to know more about the bigger ones you might encounter in the future.

Ocoee River

The Ocoee River is home to some of the most exciting rapids on the east coast. Because of that, you’ll need to be more adept at rafting when you’re here.

And while the Ocoee River is still considered family-friendly, note that children who are younger than 12 years old are not allowed to board the raft.

For those who are feeling a little daredevil, you must book a trip to the Middle Ocoee. It doesn’t run out of excitement for the adventurous rafters.

Where to white water rafting on the west coast?

The west coast has plenty of white river rafting spots. But, with so many options, if you’re new to white water rafting, it can be quite hard to choose which places to go.

In case you can’t decide about where to go white water rafting on the west coast, here’s a quick list of suggestions that will surely make your trip memorable.

Salmon River

Salmon River is located in a heavily forested area. Hence if you’re looking for a peaceful white water rafting experience, this place is your best bet. What’s more, the water is so clear that it looks like gin.

Also, the rapids at Salmon River are very big and they’re numerous. The main river has a difficulty of Class III. This means that you can bring your family and/or friends to enjoy this place.

If you decide to go to Salmon River, experts recommend booking trips for early June to late September. This is when the water is lower. So, you can enjoy a laid-back trip to enjoy the views of the surrounding area.

Rogue River

If you’re in for some excitement, a trip to Rogue River should be on top of your list. As its name suggests, this river is challenging. This is because the difficulty of the rapids can get as challenging as Class IV.

But, those who are new to white water rafting don’t have to worry as you will still enjoy your visit. Fortunately, this place also has spots where newbies and families can enjoy that are rated Classes II to III.

And in case you want to explore the Rogue River and its surrounding areas more, the site also has great camps and side hikes to offer.

Experts advise visiting Rogue River between late May and early October. During these months, the weather and river conditions are at their best. It’s a great time for families and novice white water rafters.

Lochsa River

Lochsa River’s name, when translated, means “rough water.” So, for those who are looking for some adrenaline rush, this is the place to be.

Lochsa River got its name, needless to say, by how its rapids can get challenging. In fact, its rapids’ levels range between Class III and Class V. So, you may want to hold on tighter when rafting in its most difficult waters.

If you’re looking for a leisurely ride with your family, unfortunately, this isn’t for you. You won’t get any rest in between.

Many adventure seekers prefer to visit the Lochsa River from May 25 to June 5. This is because it’s when the water is at its highest.

But, for those who want a calmer trip, pros recommend booking a visit around June 8 to June 30. During these dates, the weather is warmer and so is the water.

What states have the best white water rafting?

What states have the best white water rafting

The United States has numerous white water rafting spots. And if you were to ask which states offer the best white water rafting, Arizona, Alaska, Colorado, and North Carolina are the ones that people will often mention.

But then, again, this may depend on many factors. Hence, some may say State A is better than State B but others will say otherwise. This is mainly because of the different preferences that people have. So, the answer actually depends.

What is the best time to go white water rafting?

The best time to go white water rafting depends on the location you choose. But, typically, many rivers are best to be visited during spring.

At this season, the weather is perfect. Plus, the rapids are just enough for a leisurely ride with thrills from time to time.

Which is the best river rafting in the world?

The best river rafting in the world is actually hard to determine as everyone has their own preference. But, many might say it’s the Colorado River.

Here, the rapids have different levels that everyone can enjoy. Plus, it gives you the finest views of the famous Grand Canyon.

White water rafting is fun. Yet, with all of your options out there, it can be quite a challenge to know where to go white water rafting for the best experience. But, we highly suggest not to look further than the US. It has countless awesome rafting rivers to offer.

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